Published 5/25/2022

STAHR: Salmon P. Chase (2022)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

"Salmon P. Chase" by Walter Stahr is an admirable treatment of an oft-forgotten nineteenth century politician.

Published 5/23/2022

Quick Picks: Civil War Photography Books

By: Ronald S. Coddington Category: Articles

Looking for good books on Civil War photography? We asked Ronald S. Coddington, author and publiser of Military Images magazine, for three books on the subject that he considers essential reads. Here are his picks: 

Published 5/18/2022

REMSEN & UPP: Back From Battle (2021)

By: Codie Eash Category: Book Reviews

"Back From Battle" documents the valuable role that Pennsylvania's Camp Discharge played in the war's final months.

Published 5/11/2022

JONUSAS: Hell's Half-Acre (2022)

By: Aaron David Hyams Category: Book Reviews

Susan Jonusas's "Hell's Half-Acre" spotlights the Benders as particularly monstrous actors on a stage covered in the blood of conquest and post-Civil War racial strife.

Published 5/4/2022

WALTERS: Harriet Tubman (2022)

By: Holly Pinheiro, Jr. Category: Book Reviews

In "Harriet Tubman" Kerry Walters adds historical depth to the well-known abolitionist's life.

Published 4/28/2022

The Books That Built Me: Brian Matthew Jordan

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Articles

I suppose you could say that I started researching my recently published book, Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War, when I was 12 years old. In 1998, I met a man from my hometown of Akron, Ohio, who spent much of his late teens and early twenties crisscrossing the Midwest in search of the last survivors of Abraham Lincoln’s armies. Nearly 70 years old and the son of a ...

Published 4/27/2022

WHITE: To Address You as My Friend (2021)

By: Brian R. Dirck Category: Book Reviews

"To Address You as My Friend" assembles a wonderfully rich and fascinating mosaic of the hopes, dreams, and frustrations of African Americans during the Civil War.

Published 4/20/2022

GROELING: First Fallen (2021)

By: Kevin McPartland Category: Book Reviews

"First Fallen" is a welcome addition to the literature that casts its gaze on the North and the men who rallied to the United States flag in 1861.

Published 4/14/2022

Assassination Artifacts

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Photo Essays

“That is the last speech he will ever make.” So remarked John Wilkes Booth on April 11, 1865, after listening to President Abraham Lincoln deliver remarks outside the White House. Speaking to a crowd of thousands only two days after Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House, Lincoln had mentioned

Published 4/13/2022

PETERS (ed.): Our Comfort in Dying (2021)

By: Jonathan M. Steplyk Category: Book Reviews

In "Our Comfort in Dying," Jonathan W. Peters brings together significant works by a Virginian who was notable not only as one of those who “rode with Stonewall,” but also as a major spiritual and intellectual thinker in the Civil War South.

Published 4/6/2022

WHITE: A House Built By Slaves (2022)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

In "A House Built By Slaves," Jonathan W. White offers a narrative of Black Americans pushing the president toward emancipation and Lincoln listening to their arguments....

Published 4/4/2022

Braxton Bragg at McLemore’s Cove

By: Andrew S. Bledsoe Category: Articles

A case study in the negative impact of dysfunctional command relationships ...

Published 3/30/2022

KORNBLITH & LASSER: Elusive Utopia (2018)

By: Cassandra Jane Werking Category: Book Reviews

Gary J. Kornblith and Carol Lasser's "Elusive Utopia" merges social, gender, political, and economic history while foregrounding the voices of Black and white Oberlinians.

Published 3/29/2022

Voices From the Army of Northern Virginia, Part 3

By: Gary W. Gallagher Category: Articles

Several European journalists and military officers wrote about their experiences with the Army of Northern Virginia. Almost all of them, it is important to acknowledge, adopted a very favorable stance toward Robert E. Lee and his soldiers. The most quoted by far is Arthur James Lyon Fremantle,

Published 3/23/2022

GALLGHER & CUSHMAN (eds.): Civil War Witnesses and Their Books (2021)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

"Civil War Witnesses" collects eight, carefully crafted and extensively researched essays.

Published 3/21/2022

Extra Voices: Mother Bickerdyke

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

In the Voices section of the Spring 2022 issue of The Civil War Monitor we highlighted quotes by and about famous Civil War nurse Mary "Mother" Bickerdyke. Unfortunately, we didn't have room to include all that we found. Below are those that just missed the cut.

Published 3/16/2022

JANNEY: Ends of War (2021)

By: Shae Smith Cox Category: Book Reviews

In "Ends of War," Caroline Janney examines the uncertainties surrounding Confederate surrender.

Published 3/9/2022

BAGLEY: The Horse at Gettysburg (2021)

By: Jeffry D. Wert Category: Book Reviews

Chris Bagley's "The Horse at Gettysburg" is a solid study by a licensed battlefield guide.

Published 3/2/2022

NOE: Contesting Commemoration (2021)

By: Meredith Barber Category: Book Reviews

Jack Noe's "Contesting Commemoration" explores the complex realities of post-war reunion.

Published 2/28/2022

The Five Best Books on Civil War Memory

By: Matthew Christopher Hulbert Category: Articles

In his 1948 novel Intruder in the Dust, William Faulkner famously describes a Mississippi boy playing soldier—pretending to be the entire Rebel army, as it were—in the minutes preceding the disastrous Pickett-Pettigrew assault at the Battle of Gettysburg. For a fleeting moment, before James Longstreet has given the word and “it’s all still in the balance,” the boy reimagines the battle...