Holiday Civil War Trivia Contest: Winner

Trivia Question:
A skirmish at this place on October 29, 1862, is widely regarded as the first time black troops in the Union Blue engaged in combat during the Civil War.
Correct Answer:
Near a low hill known as Island Mound in Bates County, Missouri, a detachment of the First Kansas Colored Infantry skirmished with pro-Confederate forces on October 29, 1862, nine months before the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry participated in the famed assault against Confederate troops defending the battery known as Fort Wagner on Morris Island, South Carolina. The First Kansas was later designated the Seventy-ninth U.S. Colored Infantry.

The Winner:
Steven Hoarn was the first to correctly answer the question and will receive a complete, signed set of Ronald Coddington’s The Faces of the Civil War from The Johns Hopkins University Press.

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