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The goal of The Front Line is to provide a vibrant and active space for both our readers and our contributors. Just as printed editions of The Civil War Monitor attempt to bridge the chasm that divides many professional scholars from broader historical audiences, this space utilizes the infinite reach and timeliness of the Internet to achieve the same goal. As such, The Front Line will express a diverse array of viewpoints and subject matters.
Each week, we will bring you a variety of posts from our network of bloggers—some are academics, others are public historians, still others are students, and the rest are talented amateurs. What brings us together is a passion for the Civil War. Because our community of bloggers is so diverse, you will find a wide array of posts on The Front Line. Oftentimes, our bloggers will post 750 word essays about topics relevant to their interests and research. Other times, we might share an interesting image or primary source “From the Archives.” At the beginning of the week, we will post our “Weekly Roundup” of upcoming Civil War events while at the end of the week, we will share our “Week in Review”: highlights from the news, books, and blogs that we have been reading all week.
We also have a companion blog devoted specifically to book reviews-The Bookshelf. We hope you check that out as well!

Your fearless Blog and Social Media Editor is Laura June Davis (B.A. Cornell, M.S. TAMU-CC, M.A. George Mason), a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia. My areas of study include the Civil War, Gender Studies, and Military History, with particular interest in the Confederate Navy, masculine identity, and naval guerrillas.

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Laura June Davis

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HESS: Civil War Supply and Strategy (2020)

Civil War Supply and Strategy: Feeding Men and Moving Armies by Earl J. Hess. Louisiana State University Press, 2020. Cloth, ISBN: 978-00807173329. $48.50. Earl J. Hess is an exceptionally productive historian…