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Published 4/1/2020

STARRETT: Mississippi Bishop William Henry Elder (2019)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

In "Mississippi Bishop William Henry Elder and the Civil War," Ryan Starrett has produced an excellent, if limited local history...

Published 3/25/2020

CROWE: Caught in the Maelstrom (2019)

By: Carrie Fudickar Category: Book Reviews

Clint Crowe's "Caught in the Maelstrom" shows that the Indian Territory is a fertile field for future research....

Published 3/18/2020

INSKEEP: Imperfect Union (2020)

By: Shae Smith Cox Category: Book Reviews

In "Imperfect Union," Steve Inskeep focuses his attention on telling an enticing story...

Published 3/11/2020

GERARD: The Last Battleground (2019)

By: Steven E. Nash Category: Book Reviews

In "The Last Battleground," Philip Gerard tries to bring the reader along on his learn about some of the lives touched by the Civil War in North Carolina.

Published 3/4/2020

MILLER: Vicksburg (2019)

By: Robert Glaze Category: Book Reviews

Donald L. Miller's "Vicksburg: Grant's Campaign That Broke the Confederacy" is marked by impeccable prose anchored by a staggering amount of archival research and an impressive grasp of relevant historiography line every page.

Published 2/26/2020

BORDEWICH: Congress at War (2020)

By: Nicole Etcheson Category: Book Reviews

Fergus M. Bordewich's "Congress at War" is engagingly written and will be welcomed by a popular audience as well as scholars.

Published 2/19/2020

WILLIAMS: Rebel Guerrillas (2018)

By: Scott Thompson Category: Book Reviews

In "Rebel Guerrillas," Paul Williams studies three of the Confederate Army's most prominent irregular warriors.

Published 2/12/2020

VARON: Armies of Deliverance (2019)

By: Glenn David Brasher Category: Book Reviews

A review of Elizabeth R. Varon's "Armies of Deliverance," the Lincoln Prize–winning work that largely presents the war from the viewpoint of contemporaries experiencing the conflict as it unfolded before them.

Published 2/5/2020

McKENNA: British Blockade Runners in the American Civil War (2019)

By: J. Ross Dancy Category: Book Reviews

As Joseph McKenna shows in "British Blockade Runners in the American Civil War, the Union attempt to blockade over 3,500 miles of Confederate coastline was an immense undertaking that spread the U.S. Navy thinly.