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Published 9/22/2021

HOLDEN: Surviving Southampton (2021)

By: Benjamin E. Park Category: Book Reviews

Vanessa M. Holden's "Surviving Southampton" moves our attention from Nat Turner to his community at a time when the appeal for uncovering societies of resistance has never been more apparent.

Published 9/15/2021

STEINER: Lincoln and Citizenship (2021)

By: Paul Quigley Category: Book Reviews

"Lincoln and Citizenship" is a terrific addition to the Concise Lincoln Library series from Southern Illinois University Press.

Published 9/8/2021

REEVES: A Fire in the Wilderness (2021)

By: Jeffry D. Wert Category: Book Reviews

John Reeves' "A Fire in the Wilderness" captures well the horrors of the combat.

Published 9/1/2021

BYRD: A Holy Baptism of Fire & Blood (2021)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

James P. Byrd's "A Holy Baptism of Fire & Blood" raises important questions about the Bible's place in the Civil War era.

Published 8/25/2021

HUGHES: Unlike Anything That Ever Floated (2021)

By: J. Ross Dancy Category: Book Reviews

Dwight Hughes' "Unlike Anything That Ever Floated" supplies an engaging narrative that is not short on technical detail.

Published 8/18/2021

GOSSE: The First Reconstruction (2021)

By: Lucien Holness Category: Book Reviews

Van Gosse's "The First Reconstruction" is an important work that provides a new interpretation of the politics of the early republic.

Published 8/11/2021

STANLEY: Grand Army of Labor (2021)

By: David A. Zonderman Category: Book Reviews

Matthew E. Stanley's "Grand Army of Labor" explores how the war's echoes both strengthened and constrained the labor movement.

Published 8/4/2021

DRETSKE: The Bonds of War (2021)

By: Damian Shiels Category: Book Reviews

"The Bonds of War" represents a significant addition to the literature on immigrants in United States service....

Published 7/28/2021

WYNSTRA: No Place for Glory (2021)

By: Robert L. Glaze Category: Book Reviews

With "No Place for Glory," Robert Wynstra has established himself as one of the Gettysburg Campaign's most capable modern scholars.

Published 7/21/2021

WAITE: West of Slavery (2021)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

"West of Slavery" by Kevin Waite weaves together the stories of the South and the West to tell a continental narrative of political ambition, economic striving, and social transformation in the Civil War era.