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Published 6/16/2021

HESS: Civil War Supply and Strategy (2020)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

In "Civil War Supply and Strategy," Earl Hess contends that victory rode on the work of quartermasters and commissaries.

Published 6/9/2021

DUNKERLY & CRENSHAW: Embattled Capital (2021)

By: Codie Eash Category: Book Reviews

Robert M. Dunkerly and Doug Crenshaw's "Embattled Capital" provides proper context and reasoned interpretation to readers, rising above the realm of a 'you are here' guidebook...

Published 6/2/2021

HUNT: Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station (2021)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

Jeffrey William Hunt's "Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station" is a deftly written, exhaustively researched, and profusely illustrated history of a neglected period.

Published 5/26/2021

NOE: The Howling Storm (2020)

By: Lindsay R.S. Privette Category: Book Reviews

Kenneth W. Noe's "The Howling Storm" is a magnum opus that successfully challenges historians to rethink all they have ever known of the war.

Published 5/19/2021

ASHDOWN & CAUDILL: Imagining Wild Bill (2020)

By: Aaron David Hyams Category: Book Reviews

Edward Caudill and Paul Ashdown's "Imagining Wild Bill" is a well-written and accessible study of historical memory.

Published 5/12/2021

JEMISON: Christian Citizens (2020)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Elizabeth L. Jemison's "Christian Citizens" is an important work about the intersection of religion, race, gender, and nineteenth century Southern politics.

Published 5/5/2021

TEMPLE: Whisperwood (2020)

By: Aaron David Hyams Category: Book Reviews

Van Temple's novel "Whisperwood" presents an illuminating exploration of Southern memory about the Civil War.

Published 4/28/2021

BUNN: The Assault on Fort Blakeley (2021)

By: John C. Waugh Category: Book Reviews

Mike Bunn's "The Assault on Fort Blakeley" is a fact-packed, authoritative, and amply illustrated book.

Published 4/21/2021

HARRIS: The Last Slave Ships (2020)

By: Jonathan W. White Category: Book Reviews

John Harris' "The Last Slave Ships" is a model for scholars who wish to place the U.S. Civil War within a broader international context.

Published 4/14/2021

KEMPF: What Though the Field Be Lost (2021)

By: Kent Gramm Category: Book Reviews

"What Though the Field Be Lost" sees the past and present together in their deadly, alien, sometimes ironic and sometimes enlightening embrace.