Quote for the Day: Autumn is Coming

“We were forced to breathe dust freely, but through the clouds which rose wherever the regiment moved we caught refreshing views of stately homesteads, blushing orchards, and autumn-tinted landscapes. We were halted a mile from camp, and treated to cool water in front of an elm-shaded farm house overlooking a bend in a smooth stream just where a herd of cows were enjoying their forenoon delectation. If they had arranged themselves for picturesque effect they couldn’t have done better. If the reader would see apples upon the wayside trees ‘like apples of gold in pictures of silver,’ let him take a warm, dusty march of six miles past orchards laden with September fruitage.”

Zenas T. Haines, 44th Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, on enjoying the fall scenes while marching near their training camp in Readville, Massachusetts, October 4, 1862


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KRETZ: Administering Freedom (2022)

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