An Interview with Craig Warren

Our conversation with Craig Warren, an Associate Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University at Erie, the Behrend College. In this interview, Warren discusses his recent article entitled “Rebel Yell” that featured in the Fall 2014 issue of The Civil War Monitor. Warren helps illuminate the origins of the yell in the antebellum South, its war time applications, and what role the yell held in the Reconstructed South and beyond. This is but a smaller portion of Dr. Warren’s larger work “The Rebel Yell: A Cultural History,” now out with the University of Alabama Press.

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CODDINGTON: Faces of the Civil War Navies (2016)

Faces of the Civil War Navies: An Album of Union and Confederate Sailors by Ronald S. Coddington. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016. Cloth, ISBN: 978-1421421360. $32.95. There is a certain level of satisfaction…