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  • Meade, Grant, and the Path to Victory
  • The Soldier Artist
  • Reverberations of Battle
  • Secession in San Antonio
  • The Vile Reputation of "Spoons" Butler
  • Subpar Officers
  • The March to the Sea
  • A Fortunate Horse
  • Sketches of War

    A look at the Civil War illustrations of artist F.O.C. Darley

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  • The Unintended Expert

    From our Spring 2016 issue ... How a chance encounter led Garry Adelman to a second career in Civil War history

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  • Embattled Banner

    Read an excerpt from our exclusive interview with author Tony Horwtiz on the recent Confederate flag backlash.

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  • The Dead of Antietam

    Alexander Gardner's haunting images of some of the casualties from the bloodiest single day of combat in American history

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  • Civil War Quarters

    A look at some of the war’s more common tents and shelters

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  • What Killed Stonewall?

    An examination of the reasons why the legendary Confederate commander did not survive his Chancellorsville wounding.

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Latest Posts

  • LANDE: Psychological Consequences of the American Civil War (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 5/24/2017 Author: Bradford Pelletier | 

    Lande delivers a succinct, introductory volume on the emotional toll wrought by the Civil War on civilians and soldiers alike.

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  • GRZYB: The Last Civil War Veterans (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 5/17/2017 Author: Jonathan S. Jones | 

    ...readers seeking a concise history of the final Civil War veterans will enjoy this book.

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  • STANLEY: The Loyal West (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 5/10/2017 Author: Cecily Zander | 

    Stanley's book is a perceptive study...provides an admirable model for future studies of regional identity in the Civil War era...

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  • TRUDEAU: Lincoln's Greatest Journey (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 5/3/2017 Author: John McKee Barr | 

    ....a delightful narrative of the president's sojourn with the Union army at City Point, Virginia, in the spring of 1865. Trudeau is a skilled writer and researcher...

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  • FOOTE: The Yankee Plague (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/26/2017 Author: Adam H. Petty | 

    ...makes for an important addition to the literature on Civil War prisoners and the collapse of the Confederacy. It integrates the individual stories of escaped prisoners with larger events...

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  • DAVIS: Inventing Loreta Velasquez (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/19/2017 Author: Evan Rothera | 

    Loreta Velasquez was a woman of mystery and secrecy....quite a cagey operator, her decisions were not always particularly wise.

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  • ENGLE: Gathering to Save a Nation (2016)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/12/2017 Author: James G. Kopaczewski | 

    Engle shows that governors were tendrils of the state and enabled Union victory....governors administered mobilization efforts, promoted Unionism, and acted as a bulwark for federalism.

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The Bookshelf

Psychological Consequences of the American Civil War (2016)

Author: R. Gregory Lande

Reviewed by: Bradford Pelletier

The Last Civil War Veterans (2016)

Author: Frank Grzyb

Reviewed by: Jonathan S. Jones

Author: Matthew Stanley

Reviewed by: Cecily Zander


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