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  • Ulysses S. Grant's Campaign Promise
  • The Radicals' War
  • The Civil War and the Southern Belle
  • The Fugitives
  • Last Words
  • Rebel Raider Overseas
  • The Minie Ball
  • The Best Civil War Books of 2014
  • Behind the Lens

    As common as Civil War photographs are today, the stories behind them are too often lost to history.

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  • The Death of Jim Jackson

    Why Union forces executed a notorious Confederate guerrilla--after he had taken the Oath of Allegiance to the Union.

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  • The Battle in Public

    With the help of the telegraph, newspapers kept readers informed of all the news and speculation from Gettysburg.

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  • What Killed Stonewall?

    An examination of the reasons why the legendary Confederate commander did not survive his Chancellorsville wounding.

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  • RE Lee: Civil Rights Pioneer?

    A reassessment of the fabled postwar scene at Richmond's St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

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Latest Posts

  • An Interview with James Still

    Category: Behind the Lines Posted: 12/19/2014 Author: David K. Thomson | 

    Our conversation with James Still, a playwright whose most recent play "The Widow Lincoln" will debut at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C. The play runs from January 23 to February 22, 2015. In this interview, James details how he settled on writing a play focusing on Mary Todd Lincoln, the great privilege it is to have actress Mary Bacon in the leading role, and the power that the venue Ford's ...

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  • MOORE & MOORE: Collaborators for Emancipation (2014)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 12/17/2014 Author: Louis P. Masur | 

    The Moores argue that during the war Lincoln became more radical, and that he and Lovejoy were "collaborators for emancipation."

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  • An Interview with Anne Sarah Rubin (2014)

    Category: Behind the Lines Posted: 12/12/2014 Author: David K. Thomson | 

    Our conversation with Anne Sarah Rubin, an Associate Professor of history at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and recent author of "Through the Heart of Dixie: Sherman's March and American Memory," published by UNC Press. In this interview, Dr. Rubin offers some insight into how her work deviates from prior studies of Sherman's March through the power of storytelling. Additionally, Dr....

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  • GLEESON & LEWIS (eds.): The Civil War as Global Conflict (2014)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 12/10/2014 Author: Nimrod Tal | 

    Without conceding its high academic standards, the book remains accessible to a wider educated audience, and the richness of subjects discussed in the essays...provides an array of access points into the field. With the bulk of existing scholarship directed primarily to and consumed largely by professionals, this is a noteworthy and timely achievement.

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The Bookshelf

Check out The Bookshelf for in-depth reviews of the latest Civil War books. Our most recently reviewed titles include:

Collaborators for Emancipation (2014)

Author: William Moore

Reviewed by: Louis P. Masur

The Civil War as Global Conflict (2014)

Author: David Gleeson

Reviewed by: Nimrod Tal

Trading with the Enemy (2014)

Author: Philip Leigh

Reviewed by: Brian K. Fennessy


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