Spring 2022 Civil War Monitor cover

Spring 2022

Vol. 12, No. 1

statistics about Confederate soldiers
Atlanta before the March to the Sea
A Harvest of Death
Abraham Lincoln's lifelong love of music


A Harvest of Death
They’re among the most iconic images of the Gettysburg battlefield. But where were they shot? Modern technology may have helped figure it out.
By Patrick Brennan

Brother vs. Brother 
A look at the forces that moved Kentucky siblings to fight on opposite sides during the Civil War
By J.D. Maddox

Every Time I Feel the Spirit
Abraham Lincoln’s lifelong love affair with music
By Christian McWhirter


Editorial: A Photo Mystery Solved?

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

Voices: Mother Bickerdyke
Preservation: The “Final Assault”
Figures: Johnny Reb
Faces of War: A Michigander’s Fate
Cost of War: Lieutenant Ward Brooks Frothingham’s Pocket Watch
In Focus: Atlanta Before the Torch


Fighting Words: Grapevine Telegraph, by Tracy L. Barnett

Crossroads: Braxton Bragg at McLemore’s Cove, by Andrew S. Bledsoe

Books & Authors:

The Five Best Books on Civil War Memory
By Matthew Christopher Hulbert

Voices from the Army of Northern Virginia, Part 3
By Gary W. Gallagher

Parting Shot
: Patriots’ Game