Civil War Cabbage Stew

Library of Congress
Cooking in the Union camp at City Point, Virginia

Looking for a hearty meal to help fend off winter’s cold? Try this Civil War-era recipe for cabbage stew.

Cabbage Stew


– one head green cabbage, sliced (approx. 1/2″)

– 2 medium onions, sliced (approx. 1/2″)

– 12 oz. salt pork, cubed

– 2 cans of stewed tomatoes

– salt, garlic salt, pepper, cajun seasoning or ground red pepper


1. Fry the salt pork in a very large, hot, cast iron pot until well browned (do not drain)

2. Turn the heat down; add cabbage and cook until wilted.

3. Add onions and cook until translucent.

4. Continue cooking over low heat for apprxomately 1 hour.

5. Add tomatoes and cover.

6. Continue cooking at a simmer. The flavors will blend nicely the longer it cooks.

7. Add garlic salt (small amount) and salt and pepper to taste.

8. Add a very small amount of cajun seasoning or ground red pepper. Be sure to taste after adding each time.

9. Stir occasionally.

10. After approximately 2–3 hours, start tasting then season/cook more if necessary.

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