An Interview with CWI’s Jill Titus

Our conversation with Jill Titus, the Associate Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. In this interview, Dr. Titus discusses the plans for the 2014 CWI which centers around the war in 1864. She offers up some examples of the speakers and tours that the CWI attendees will take advantage of from June 20-24 as well as laying out some of the new features of this year’s institute.

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LONGACRE: Unsung Hero of Gettysburg (2021)

Unsung Hero of Gettysburg: The Story of Union General David McMurtrie Gregg by Edward G. Longacre. Potomac Books, 2021. Cloth, ISBN: 978-1640124295. $34.95. When it comes to cavalry commanders at the…