Summer 2020 Civil War Monitor cover

Summer 2020

Vol. 10, No. 2

an appreciation of Bruce Catton
54th Massachusetts Infantry
Abraham Lincoln's visit to City Point, Virginia


Disputed Glory
The 54th Massachusetts Infantry performed heroically in the attack on Fort Wagner. Why did so many northern newspapers argue otherwise?
By Glenn David Brasher

Mission to the James
Inside Abraham Lincoln’s secretive visit to Ulysses S. Grant’s headquarters at City Point, Virginia, in 1864
By Noah Andre Trudeau

Fortunate Sons
A summer in the saddle with the Dartmouth Cavalry
By William Marvel


Editorial: Uncertain Times

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

Voices: Camp Sports
Preservation: Joining Forces
Faces of War: Cadet to Boy Colonel
Figures: The Civil War’s Long Reach
Cost of War: A Historic Bulletin Earns Big
In Focus: A Deathly Calm


American Iliad: The Greatest Bards: Part 2, by Mark Grimsley

Fighting Words: Skedaddle, by Stephen Berry

Books & Authors

The B&A Profile: Ralph Peters
By Patrick Brennan

Parting Shot: Seating for Surrender