Fall 2014 Civil War Monitor cover

Fall 2014

Vol. 4, No. 3

Robert E. Lee and George Washington
The Battle of Nashville
Rebel Yell


Broken Promise
Robert E. Lee was the Confederacy’s greatest general. But did he live up to the legacy of his own military hero?
By Glenn W. LaFantasie

Early Winter Sunset
In the decisive struggle for Nashville, Tennessee, in December 1864, Confederate general John Bell Hood lost not only a battle but also his army—and the Confederacy’s last chance at winning the war in the West.
By Patrick Brennan

Rebel Yell!
A look at the terrifying Confederate battle cry, one of the most feared and revered sounds in American history.
By Craig A. Warren


Editorial: A Small World … and a New Department

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

Travels: A Visit to Franklin
Voices: Close Calls
Living History: Hatmaker Tim Bender
Primer: The Election of 1864
Preservation: Reclaiming Lee’s Gettysburg Headquarters
Disunion: An Unlikely Friendship
In Focus: Fixing Fort Sumter

Casualties of War: Jacob Plowden

Battlefield Echoes: Starkville’s Dark Legacy

Books & Authors:

Voices from the Army of the Potomac, Part 4
              By Gary W. Gallagher

         The Books That Built Me
              By Brooks D. Simpson

Parting Shot: The Accidental Housekeeper