Fall 2011

Vol. 1, No. 1

Civil War hats
Battle of Sailor's Creek


The Men & the Hour: Lincoln, Davis, and the Struggle to Avert War
Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both moderate politicians who in 1861 deeply desired peace. What went wrong?
By Russell McClintock

The Work That Remains
Even after the fighting stopped, women waged their own battles to bring the bodies of their loved ones home.
By Judith Giesberg

Run Aground at Sailor’s Creek
In one of the war’s final battles, the veteran infantrymen of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia fought alongside an unlikely set of comrades—the sailors and marines of Commodore John Randolph Tucker’s Naval Battalion.
By Derek Smith

Captive Memories: Union Ex-Prisoners and the Work of Remembrance
Survivors of Confederate prison camps soon found themselves waging an unexpected, and unwanted, struggle at home.
By Brian Matthew Jordan

“Babylon is Fallen”: The Northern Press Reports Sherman’s March to the Sea
Contrary to popular belief, the northern public was kept well aware of the goings-on of General Sherman’s infamous Georgia excursion.
By Silvana R. Siddali


Editorial: Welcome to the Monitor

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

Travels: A Visit to Gettysburg
Voices: The War Begins
Primer: Getting to Know Civil War Headgear
Preservation: Big Plans for the 150th
Figures: Resources of the Union & Confederacy
In Focus: Baking for the Cause

Casualties of War: Clara Harris Rathbone

Battlefield Echoes: Blood-soaked Reality at Bull Run

Books & Authors:

Essential Reading on the Coming of the War By Russell McClintock
Musings of a Civil War Bibliophile By Robert K. Krick
The Books that Built Me By Steven H. Newton

Parting Shot: Word-clouding the Presidential Inaugurals