Voice from the Past - "Am afloat, adrift"

Posted: 11/17/2011
Author: Laura June Davis
The CSS Rappahannock - Douglas Forrest was aboard this ship when he wrote the statement to the right.

"Am afloat, adrift, abroad, motion uneasy, “Inner man” “stomach” becoming so. I think I’ll try full-length. A cotton-bale & the open air on the for’ard deck. “Very grand.” The sea—if one could only see it and not sea-sickness. Very charming, too a sailor’s life, and so they say is hanging when one gets used to it. “Aye there’s the rub.” I wish I could lay my hands on a rubber or a tarpaulin for it rains. Darkness begins to reign, the hour’s propitious & we approach the bar. Would like to see the bar. Expect instead, to “see the Elephant.” Must “go below.” A little disturbed that’s all, not sick. I protest as a Commissioned officer in the Navy of the Confederate States. Thoughts of Home."

- Douglas French Forrest, C.S.N., 27 May 1863 -

Source: Forrest, Douglas French. Odyssey in Gray: A Diary of Confederate Service, 1863-1865 (Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1979).  
Image Credit: Navy Historical Center, Online Library of Selected Images.
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