Winter 2013 Civil War Monitor cover

Winter 2013

Vol. 3, No. 4

CSS Hunley


The 25 Most Influential* Politicians, Civilians, Inventors, Spies & Soldiers of the Civil War
(*That you’ve probably never heard of)

Not every noteworthy figure in the Civil War is as recognized today as Lincoln, Davis, Grant, or Lee. Indeed, some of the conflict’s most significant players remain largely unknown. We polled leading historians—and ranked their picks—for the most influential people who never got their due.

Mystery of the Confederate Deep
The story of H. L. Hunley—the Confederate submersible that disappeared in the waters off Charleston on February 17, 1864, after torpedoing and sinking the Union blockading vessel USS Housatonic—has captivated historians and buffs for decades. Four dedicated researchers offer their takes on what might have happened to Hunley and her crew.
By Andrew W. Hall, with Michael Crisafulli, Kimble Johnson, Barry Rogoff, and Cary Mock

War at the Door
Pharaoh’s Army—a 1995 independent film about a vulnerable Kentucky family’s tense encounter with foraging Union troops—shows just how personal the Civil War was in Appalachia, where the lines between home front and battlefield blurred.
By John C. Inscoe


Editorial: Sorry, Kate

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

Travels: A Visit to Boston
Voices: Homesick
Preservation: Thank at Teacher
Disunion: From Battlefield to Ballfield
Conversation: Author Tony Horwitz
In Focus: Christmas in Camp

Casualties of War: Laurence Massillon Keitt

Battlefield Echoes: Bitter Allies

Books & Authors:

The Best Civil War Books of 2013
              With Kenneth W. Noe, Andrew Wagenhoffer, Robert K. Krick, 
               Ethan S. Rafuse, Brooks D. Simpson, Harry Smeltzer, and Kevin M. Levin

Parting Shot: A Modern-Day Mathew Brady