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Welcome to The Civil War Monitor, where we offer a fresh view of America’s greatest conflict through the contributions and commentary of the country’s leading historians, researchers, and authors. 

In every issue, readers will find originally researched articles, rare historical images, comprehensive maps, and modern graphics—all geared toward the interests of modern-day Civil War enthusiasts. Fresh, authoritative, and engaging, The Civil War Monitor brings the full drama and meaning of the country’s greatest conflict to life. 

"As a ravenous reader of the Civil War period, I’m always looking for new and enlightening material—both narrative and photographic. The Civil War Monitor never disappoints."

Rich N. in Texas

CivilWarMonitor.com, the digital arm of The Civil War Monitor, is where you'll find a variety of unique content about America's greatest conflict. Visit Behind the Lines for discussions with prominent members of the American Civil War community; Photo Essays for stories of the Civil War as told through series of captivating images; The Bookshelf for book reviews and author interviews; and The Front Line for the latest in Civil War news, research, analysis, and events as relayed by a network of historians.

“I recently discovered the Monitor’s website. I’m enjoying all the things I can access there more than you know! Keep up the good work.”

Angela R., via email



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