Winter 2019

Vol. 9, No. 4

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Life and death at the Civil War's most notorious prison

The Barbara Frietchie Caper
What really happened when Confederate troops marched past the house of an elderly widow in Frederick, Maryland, in 1862? It depends on who's telling the story.
By Stephen W. Sears

Holiday Toasts and Homesick Rebels
How the Civil War changed Christmas in the South
By Tracy L. Barnett


Editorial: A Piece of Hell on Earth

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Travels: A Visit to Chicago
          Voices: Gambling
          Preservation: A Big Question
          Figures: The Dictator
          Faces of War: Million-Dollar Soldier
          Cost of War: A Battle-Tested Banner
          In Focus: The First Prisoners of War


          American Iliad: Grant and Lee at Appomattox, by Mark Grimsley

          Stereoscope: Badge Quest, by Jenny Johnston

Books & Authors

               The Best Civil War Books of 2019
With A. Wilson Greene, Brian Matthew Jordan, Ethan S. Rafuse, Gerald J. Prokopowicz,
              and Kevin M. Levin

  Parting Shot: Yankee Ingenuity