Summer 2018

Vol. 8, No. 2

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The Decision
Why did Robert E. Lee turn down command of the Union army and join the Confederacy in 1861? It's complicated.
By Allen C. Guelzo

An Unlikely Battleground
Fourth of July observations during the Civil War reflected the country's thorniest questions—including which Americans could claim the holiday as their own.
By Paul Quigley

Soldiers of Misfortune
Financial motives drove Union recruiting as much as more altruistic incentives.
By William Marvel


Editorial: Changes, Big and Small

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Travels: A Visit to Yorktown
          Voices: Big Talk
          Faces of War: Major Hapgood and His Famous Clerk
          Figures: Men of Faith
          Preservation: Keeping Seminary Ridge Sacred
          Cost of War: A Seized Banner Pays Off
          In Focus: Shedding Light on a Famous Photo


          American Iliad: The Making of a Hero, by Mark Grimsley

          Public History: Whither Public History?, by John Coski

Books & Authors

         The Best Gettysburg Books
With Allen C. Guelzo, Lawrence Korczyk, Brian Matthew Jordan, Ethan S. Rafuse,
               Lesley J. Gordon, and Jennifer M. Murray

          The Books That Built Me
By Stephen W. Sears

Parting Shot: Satterlee's Saw