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Published 5/22/2020

The Rable Method—Time and Again

By: Glenn David Brasher and G. Ward Hubbs Category: Articles

Few scholars have produced as many groundbreaking works as Civil War historian George C. Rable. Since his retirement from teaching in 2016, a group of his former doctoral students have worked on a festschrift to honor

Published 5/18/2020

The Greatest Bards: Part 1

By: Mark Grimsley Category: American Iliad

An appreciation of Shelby Foote, a master of historical storytelling.

Published 5/15/2020

The Five Best Books on Civil War Combat

By: Andrew S. Bledsoe Category: Articles

A roundup of the books that do the best job in capturing the nature of Civil War combat.

Published 4/9/2020

Lee Bids Farewell

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

On the night of April 9, 1865, only hours after surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Robert E. Lee sat around a fire with a group of his officers outside his tent.

Published 3/13/2020

Extra Voices: Payday

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

In the Voices section of our Spring 2020 issue we highlighted quotes by Union and Confederate soldiers about the excitement that often accompanied payday in camp. Unfortunately, we didn't have room to include all that we found. Below are those that didn't make the cut.

Published 2/20/2020

A Goodbye Gift

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

Before he fled Richmond at war's end, Jefferson Davis left an interesting gift for the son of a family friend.

Published 1/26/2020

"What will not the human body endure?"

By: James K. Hosmer Category: In the First Person

A look at life in a Union field hospital during the Siege of Port Hudson in mid-1863.

Published 1/21/2020

Grant and Lee at Appomattox

By: Mark Grimsley Category: American Iliad

Understanding the mythic event at Appomattox that represents the end of the Confederacy.

Published 1/11/2020

Badge Quest

By: Jenny Johnston Category: Living History

One man's journey to become a licensed battlefield guide at Gettysburg.

Published 12/30/2019

The Best Civil War Books of 2019

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

With the help of a handful of Civil War historians and enthusiasts, here is our list of the best Civil War books of 2019.