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Published 4/11/2018

BELCHER: The Cavalries at Stones River (2017)

By: David A. Powell Category: Book Reviews excellent addition to both western theater cavalry studies and the specifics of the battle of Stones River.

Published 4/4/2018

FRAKER: Looking for Lincoln in Illinois (2017)

By: Frank J. Williams Category: Book Reviews

This is a delightful journey along the highways and byways of the circuit traveled by lawyer Lincoln...

Published 3/28/2018

CHERNOW: Grant (2017)

By: Todd Arrington Category: Book Reviews

...[I]f [Grant's] presidential ranking continues to rise, there is little question that Ron Chernow's exhaustive research and accessible writing style will be part of the reason.

Published 3/21/2018

KEATING: The Greatest Trials I Ever Had (2017)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

Students of the war looking for insights into the connections between camp and home front will find the Cahills' letters to be quite rewarding.

Published 3/14/2018

AYERS: The Thin Light of Freedom (2017)

By: Douglas R. Egerton Category: Book Reviews

Hindsight, Ayers understands, is often the enemy of understanding.

Published 3/7/2018

QUINT: Determined to Stand and Fight (2017)

By: Jared Frederick Category: Book Reviews

Early's daring raid is a colorful tale of retribution, diversion, anxiety, and shrewd political calculation.

Published 2/28/2018

SODERGREN: The Army of the Potomac in the Overland and Petersburg Campaigns (2017)

By: Briana Weaver Category: Book Reviews

Sodergren finds that the soldiers in the Army of the Potomac welcomed the change of pace afforded by the Petersburg trenches.

Published 2/21/2018

SCALES: The Battles and Campaigns of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest (2017)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

Forrest might say that Scales, while not getting there first, certainly got there with the most....

Published 2/14/2018

PERRY: Bluff, Bluster, Lies and Spies (2016)

By: Don Doyle Category: Book Reviews

Often, the fate of separatist movements is decided not on the field of battle, but in the marble courts of diplomacy.

Published 2/7/2018

McKNIGHT & MYERS (eds.): The Guerrilla Hunters (2017)

By: John H. Matsui Category: Book Reviews

New studies of guerrilla conflict during the conflict only reinforce the indivisible relationship between slavery and the Civil War.