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Published 11/13/2019

DANIEL: Conquered (2019)

By: Robert L. Glaze Category: Book Reviews

Larry J. Daniel's "Conquered: Why the Confederacy Failed" is a convincing original argument, a comprehensive historiographical essay, and a compelling narrative.

Published 11/6/2019

WALLER: Lincoln's Spies (2019)

By: Lawrence Kreiser, Jr. Category: Book Reviews

In "Lincoln's Spies," Douglas Waller provides colorful detail on the lives and careers of Civil War spies...there is much material with which to work.

Published 10/30/2019

DIRCK: The Black Heavens (2019)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

Brian R. Dirck's "The Black Heavens" is the first book-length treatment of the sixteenth president's long relationship with death.

Published 10/23/2019

BLEVINS: The Conflicted Ozarks (2019)

By: Roy Wisecarver Category: Book Reviews

Brooks Blevins' "The Conflicted Ozarks" is superb study of a fascinating region during a tumultuous period of destruction and rebuilding.

Published 10/16/2019

SPARKS: Africans in the Old South (2016)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

In "Africans in the Old South," Randy J. Sparks offers new perspectives about the slave trade, the Old South, and the Atlantic World.

Published 10/9/2019

HARROLD: American Abolitionism (2019)

By: Ashley Towle Category: Book Reviews

To what extent did the abolitionist movement bring about the end of slavery in the United States?

Published 10/2/2019

ENDRES & KURTZ (eds.): Soldiers of the Cross (2019)

By: Adam Tate Category: Book Reviews

Conyngham observed many chaplains at important historical artifact.

Published 9/25/2019

HUNT: Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station (2019)

By: Jeffry D. Wert Category: Book Reviews

...a very detailed account of this often-overlooked campaign.

Published 9/18/2019

DAVIS: The Most Desperate Acts of Gallantry (2019)

By: Alexandre F. Calliot Category: Book Reviews

George Armstrong Custer is a heroic yet tragic figure in the pantheon of America's military past...

Published 9/11/2019

MERTZ: Attack at Daylight and Whip Them (2019)

By: John Daley Category: Book Reviews

Mertz and the Emerging Civil War Series have given us excellent history in guidebook format.