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Published 2/13/2019

WYNSTRA: At The Forefront of Lee's Invasion (2018)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

Destined to become a staple for anyone seeking a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the Gettysburg Campaign's opening weeks.

Published 2/6/2019

BARNARD (ed.): An Aide to Custer (2018)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Singelyn and Barnard have produced a useful volume of letters that detail an officer's perspective about military life and Custer.

Published 1/30/2019

BLOUNT: Wilson's Raid (2018)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

Blount's dynamic prose moves with the celerity of Wilson's mounted columns.

Published 1/23/2019

SCHMIDT & BARKLEY: September Mourn (2018)

By: Stephen Edwards Category: Book Reviews

The Dunker Church on the Antietam battlefield is one of the most iconic and distinctive buildings of the American Civil War.

Published 1/16/2019

BURLINGAME (ed.): Sixteenth President-in-Waiting (2018)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Villard's newspaper dispatches are a rich resource for students of the Secession Winter.

Published 1/9/2019

GOTTFRIED: The Maps of Fredericksburg (2018)

By: Zachery A. Fry Category: Book Reviews

A top-notch operational study that benefits from Gottfried's judicious insights and experience as a military historian.

Published 1/2/2019

TETERS: Practical Liberators (2018)

By: Clayton Butler Category: Book Reviews

Teters parses and explains well the complexity of how emancipation played out on the ground, making his book a valuable contribution to the literature.

Published 12/26/2018

SAUERS: The National Tribune Civil War Index (2018)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

...immediately takes its place on the short shelf of indispensable Civl War reference works.

Published 12/19/2018

WILLIAMS & KUTZLER (eds.): Prison Pens (2018)

By: Angela M. Riotto Category: Book Reviews

[R]eveals how two members of the Civil War generation struggled with imprisonment...including that which did not take place behind prison walls.

Published 12/12/2018

ROBERTS (ed.): 'This Infernal War' (2018)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

Editor Timothy Roberts deserves high marks...makes for good reading, and researchers will find it equally rewarding.