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Published 9/16/2020

CRIBB: Old Abe (2020)

By: Sarah Kay Bierle Category: Book Reviews

John Cribb's "Old Abe" presents a fictionalized account of Lincoln’s final, momentous years that history buffs and general readers alike can enjoy.

Published 9/9/2020

BRETTLE: Colossal Ambitions (2020)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Adrian Brettle's "Colossal Ambitions" is the most unique work on the Confederacy to appear in many years.

Published 9/2/2020

GLYMPH: The Women's Fight (2020)

By: Misti Harper Category: Book Reviews

In "The Women's Fight," Thavolia Glymph recounts the stories of women who were compelled by men to make sacrifices during wartime, but who have rarely been "acknowledged as political."

Published 8/26/2020

WITTENBERG, SARGUS, AND BARRICK: Seceding from Secession (2020)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

"Seceding from Secession" is an exemplary study, prodigiously researched, profusely illustrated, and masterfully crafted...

Published 8/19/2020

MAXFIELD: Hellmira (2020)

By: Angela Riotto Category: Book Reviews

Through a combination of official prison records, prisoners’ writings, and photographs, Derek Maxfield's "Hellmira" resurrects Elmira Prison in history and memory.

Published 8/12/2020

WEST: Christopher H. Tebault, Surgeon to the Confederacy (2020)

By: Guy Hasegawa Category: Book Reviews

In "Surgeon to the Confederacy," Confederate surgeon Christopher H. Tebault led a life worth examining.

Published 8/5/2020

TUCKER: Newest Born of Nations (2020)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

"Newest Born of Nations" by Ann L. Tucker makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of how white southerners conceptualized themselves before and during the Civil War.

Published 7/29/2020

LUNDBERG: Horace Greeley (2019)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

Most students of nineteenth century America regard Horace Greeley as a political chameleon.

Published 7/22/2020

LANCE: In The Waves (2020)

By: J. Ross Dancy Category: Book Reviews

Rachel Lances's "In The Waves" is wholly convincing ... a compelling narrative that is easily accessible to a general audience.

Published 7/15/2020

WOODS: Arguing Until Doomsday (2020)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Michael E. Woods' "Arguing Until Doomsday" is one of the most engaging and accessible histories of the pre-Civil War Democratic Party to date.