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Published 4/6/2022

WHITE: A House Built By Slaves (2022)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

In "A House Built By Slaves," Jonathan W. White offers a narrative of Black Americans pushing the president toward emancipation and Lincoln listening to their arguments....

Published 3/30/2022

KORNBLITH & LASSER: Elusive Utopia (2018)

By: Cassandra Jane Werking Category: Book Reviews

Gary J. Kornblith and Carol Lasser's "Elusive Utopia" merges social, gender, political, and economic history while foregrounding the voices of Black and white Oberlinians.

Published 3/23/2022

GALLGHER & CUSHMAN (eds.): Civil War Witnesses and Their Books (2021)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

"Civil War Witnesses" collects eight, carefully crafted and extensively researched essays.

Published 3/16/2022

JANNEY: Ends of War (2021)

By: Shae Smith Cox Category: Book Reviews

In "Ends of War," Caroline Janney examines the uncertainties surrounding Confederate surrender.

Published 3/9/2022

BAGLEY: The Horse at Gettysburg (2021)

By: Jeffry D. Wert Category: Book Reviews

Chris Bagley's "The Horse at Gettysburg" is a solid study by a licensed battlefield guide.

Published 3/2/2022

NOE: Contesting Commemoration (2021)

By: Meredith Barber Category: Book Reviews

Jack Noe's "Contesting Commemoration" explores the complex realities of post-war reunion.

Published 2/23/2022

ROSSINO: Their Maryland (2021)

By: James J. Broomall Category: Book Reviews

Alexander B. Rossino's "Their Maryland" is a lively account that challenges prevailing orthodoxy.

Published 2/15/2022

FAIRCLOUGH: Bulldozed and Betrayed (2021)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

In "Bulldozed and Betrayed," Adam Fairclough skillfully guides readers through numerous twists and turns, outsized personalities, and charges and counter-charges of fraud, conspiracy and skullduggery.

Published 2/9/2022

WHITE & DAVIS (eds.): My Work Among the Freedmen (2021)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

"My Work Among the Freedmen" is simply worth reading to meet Harriet Buss and her students.

Published 2/2/2022

LIULEVICIUS: Rebel Salvation (2021)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Kathleen Liuleviciu's "Rebel Salvation" is an important contribution to our understanding of the contested notions of peace that developed across the South in the wake of the Civil War.