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Published 1/10/2018

HUNT: Meade and Lee After Gettysburg (2017)

By: Jennifer M. Murray Category: Book Reviews

Hunt...offers an important, welcomed addition to the Gettysburg scholarship.

Published 1/3/2018

PECK: Making An Antislavery Nation (2017)

By: Daniel W. Crofts Category: Book Reviews

Graham Peck's first book tackles big issues and delves into contested terrain....

Published 12/27/2017

BERRY & ELDER (eds.): Practical Strangers (2017)

By: Jean H. Baker Category: Book Reviews

The letters between Elodie and Nathaniel tell us much about courtship in the South.

Published 12/20/2017

ECELBARGER: Slaughter at the Chapel (2016)

By: Robert Glaze Category: Book Reviews excellent tactical study of one of the Atlanta Campaign's most significant engagements.

Published 12/13/2017

FREY: Failure to Pursue (2016)

By: Michael Burns Category: Book Reviews

...why did the war last for four years, in the process costing more than 700,000 American lives?

Published 12/6/2017

TUCKER: Pickett's Charge (2016)

By: Adam Pratt Category: Book Reviews

It is often said that the victors write history, but in the case of the Civil War, that assumption is often called into question.

Published 11/29/2017

LEPA: The Union Sixth Corps in the Shenandoah Valley (2016)

By: Jonathan Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

...a succinct synthesis of the Sixth Corps' important role in Sheridan's 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

Published 11/22/2017

CODDINGTON: Faces of the Civil War Navies (2016)

By: Briana Weaver Category: Book Reviews

Coddington brings to life these men aboard the battleships, be they closer to home, anchored along a river bank, or farther away in the seas, prowling for enemy ships.

Published 11/15/2017

DIRCK: Lincoln in Indiana (2017)

By: John C. Kennedy Category: Book Reviews

...a clearly and succinctly argued study of the early years of Abraham Lincoln with rich descriptions of Indiana.

Published 11/8/2017

HURLEY: California and the Civil War (2017)

By: Aaron Hyams Category: Book Reviews

Hurley's strongest contributions lie within his treatment of the Civil War's impact upon Indigenous peoples throughout California and the West....