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Published 5/11/2016

NOYALAS: Civil War Legacy in the Shenandoah (2015)

By: Kelly Mielke Category: Book Reviews

The extent of conflict in the Shenandoah Valley and its role as a thoroughfare between the Union and Confederacy makes the region a particularly interesting place to study post-war reconciliation.

Published 5/4/2016

PERO: Gettysburg 1863 (2015)

By: Scott L. Mingus, Sr. Category: Book Reviews

As a source of unvarnished primary information on the battle from the hearts and minds of those who were there, this is an exceptional addition to the vast historiography of the Gettysburg Campaign.

Published 4/27/2016

CROFTS: Lincoln & the Politics of Slavery (2016)

By: Thomas A. Horrocks Category: Book Reviews

Despite the thousands of books written about Lincoln...scholars have virtually ignored the original thirteenth amendment fight and Lincoln's role in it...Crofts fills this void with his compelling book...

Published 4/20/2016

IZECKSOHN: Slavery and War in the Americas (2014)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Historians have called, at least twice, for comparison of the Civil War with the War of the Triple historian has subjected the two wars to a sustained comparison until Vitor Izecksohn...

Published 4/13/2016

LOWRY: Galvanized Virginians in the Indian Wars (2015)

By: Angela M. Riotto Category: Book Reviews

Lowry's book inspires an important conversation about loyalty, cowardice, and suffering...

Published 4/13/2016

GUNNIN (ed.): Letters to Virtue (2014)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

While Sherman's letters offer insight into a variety of aspects which dominated a soldier's life and are typical among published anything but a typical collection.

Published 4/6/2016

ACKEN (ed.): Service with the Signal Corps (2015)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

Acken merits our appreciation for unearthing these important documents...Civil War specialists will gain knowledge about the vital but little known field of signal operations.

Published 3/30/2016

DIXON: The Lost Gettysburg Address (2015)

By: Scott L. Mingus, Sr. Category: Book Reviews

Now, for the first time, we can read Edward Everett's well-crafted speech and Charles Anderson's lost Gettysburg remarks, which bookended Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Published 3/23/2016

HUFFSTODT: Lincoln's Bold Lion (2015)

By: Thomas J. Rowland Category: Book Reviews

James T. Huffstodt attempts to nudge Brigadier General Martin Davis Hardin out of the shadows of obscurity into the light of recognition.

Published 3/16/2016

MESCH: Teacher of Civil War Generals (2015)

By: Robert Grandchamp Category: Book Reviews

Smith was a brave and brilliant tactician who earned brevets in Mexico and displayed great courage in his action at Fort Donelson.