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Published 5/5/2021

TEMPLE: Whisperwood (2020)

By: Aaron David Hyams Category: Book Reviews

Van Temple's novel "Whisperwood" presents an illuminating exploration of Southern memory about the Civil War.

Published 4/28/2021

BUNN: The Assault on Fort Blakeley (2021)

By: John C. Waugh Category: Book Reviews

Mike Bunn's "The Assault on Fort Blakeley" is a fact-packed, authoritative, and amply illustrated book.

Published 4/21/2021

HARRIS: The Last Slave Ships (2020)

By: Jonathan W. White Category: Book Reviews

John Harris' "The Last Slave Ships" is a model for scholars who wish to place the U.S. Civil War within a broader international context.

Published 4/14/2021

KEMPF: What Though the Field Be Lost (2021)

By: Kent Gramm Category: Book Reviews

"What Though the Field Be Lost" sees the past and present together in their deadly, alien, sometimes ironic and sometimes enlightening embrace.

Published 4/7/2021

STOKES (ed.): Incidents in the Life of Cecilia Lawton (2021)

By: Ashley Towle Category: Book Reviews

"Incidents in the Life of Cecilia Lawton" brims with nostalgia for the antebellum South, teems with malice for Sherman, and articulate the fear and loath white Southerners harbored for freepeople...

Published 3/31/2021

JEFFREY: First Chaplain of the Confederacy (2020)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Katherine Bentley Jeffrey's "First Chaplain of the Confederacy" reminds us of the nuanced role Catholics played in the Confederate and Reconstruction South.

Published 3/24/2021

SMITH: In the Shadow of Gold (2020)

By: Sarah Kay Bierle Category: Book Reviews

Michael Smith's "In The Shadow of Gold" is a historical novel for our own challenging times.

Published 3/17/2021

WILLIS: The Black Civil War Soldier (2021)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

Deborah Willis' "The Black Civil War Soldier" is a reminder of one of the most compelling stories of the conflict: the efforts of more than 180,000 African American soldiers to fight for freedom.

Published 3/10/2021

LEVINE: Thaddeus Stevens (2021)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

Bruce Levine's "Thaddeus Stevens" is the first major biography of The Great Commoner in nearly a quarter century.

Published 3/3/2021

PALENCIA: 'On Rising Ground' (2021)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

"On Rising Ground" is a well-researched, well-written, and always empathetic account of a very ordinary soldier and his family.