Published 1/4/2017

SMITH: Scarred (2016)

By: Angela Riotto Category: Book Reviews

...illustrates how the violence of war is not just limited to the battlefront (and how it continued to affect those involved long after the guns fell silent).

Published 12/28/2016

CARPENTER: Gaston County, North Carolina, in the Civil War (2016)

By: Joshua Shiver Category: Book Reviews

Shockingly, even as the Confederate economy collapsed and Union soldiers marched through the South liberating slaves, the war effort actually promoted the institution of slavery in Gaston County.

Published 12/21/2016

RAY (ed.): Sharpshooter (2016)

By: Jared Frederick Category: Book Reviews

[Blackford's] letters strip away the romanticized veneer of the Lost Cause...a revealing testament about life and death in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Published 12/14/2016

MACKOWSKI, WHITE & DAVIS: Don't Give an Inch (2016)

By: Jared Peatman Category: Book Reviews

Heading to Gettysburg sometime soon, and looking for a book to help guide you through the fighting on the second day of the battle?

Published 12/14/2016

UNGER: Henry Clay (2015)

By: Songho Ha Category: Book Reviews

The two main themes in the book are Clay's nationalism and his influence on a young Abraham Lincoln.

Published 12/7/2016

BACKUS & ORRISON: A Want of Vigilance (2015)

By: Tommy Brown Category: Book Reviews

Orrison and Backus have produced a readable and entertaining look into one of the war's lesser known campaigns.

Published 12/1/2016

Extra Voices: Curses

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: From the Archives

In the Voices section of the Winter 2016 issue of The Civil War Monitor we highlighted first-person quotes about some of the colorful oaths uttered by soldiers and civilians during the Civil War. Unfortunately, we didn't have room to include all that we found. Below are those that didn't make the cut.

Published 11/30/2016

DIXON & KWAPISZ: Civil War Adventure (2015)

By: Alexandre Caillot Category: Book Reviews

....this tome deftly balances the sobering and the sentimental in its range of short stories and longer dramas.

Published 11/23/2016

ROBERTSON: The Red River Campaign and Its Toll (2016)

By: Christopher Gwinn Category: Book Reviews

Not unlike the winding waterway upon which it unfolded, the history of the Red River Campaign has remained as murky as the water of the river itself.

Published 11/23/2016

BIGGS: They Fought For the Union (2016)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

It appears that no stone was left unturned in the author's quest to portray the individual and collective performance of the men of this regiment.