Published 11/21/2011

Voice from the Past - The Customs of Our Puritan Fathers

By: Laura June Davis Category: Quotables

Good morning! To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, The Front Line will be posting different "Voices from the Past" about Civil War soldiers' Thanksgiving experiences. Our first quote comes from the 1861 diary of David L. Day, 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

Published 11/17/2011

Voice from the Past - "Am afloat, adrift"

By: Laura June Davis Category: Quotables

"Am afloat, adrift, abroad, motion uneasy, “Inner man” “stomach” becoming so. I think I’ll try full-length. A cotton-bale & the open air on the for’ard deck. “Very grand.” The sea—if one could only see it and not sea-sickness. Very charming, too a sailor’s life, and so they say is hanging when one gets used to it. “Aye there’s the rub.” I wish I could lay my hands on a...

Published 11/16/2011

MORSMAN: The Big House After Slavery (2010)

By: Felicity Turner Category: Book Reviews

Amy Feely Morsman’s The Big House After Slavery examines changing gender relations amongst married elites in postemancipation Virginia. Drawing from family papers, diaries, newspapers, and periodicals, Morsman argues that the dire economic straits of former slaveholding elites during Reconstruction prompted an important transition in the gender dynamics of planter households...

Published 11/15/2011

"Soldiers of Fortune, Make Us Your Game!"

By: Laura June Davis Category: From the Archives

William Howard Russell was a “special correspondent” for the London Times, who travelled the North and South during the early years of the war. The exerpted quote describes a luncheon hosted by Confederate First Lady Varina Davis. While indicative of Russell's pro-Confederate views, it does call into question the scope of secession.

Published 11/15/2011

A Civil War Cattle Drive

By: Laura June Davis Category: From the Archives

Beef for the Union Army Cross the Long Bridge at Washington.

Published 11/14/2011

Voices from the Past - The Integrity of the Union

By: Laura June Davis Category: Quotables

"You will please constantly to bear in mind the precise issue for which we are fighting; that issue is the preservation of the Union and the restoration of the full authority of the general government over all portions of our territory..."

Published 11/11/2011

Honoring our Veterans...Then & Now

By: Laura June Davis Category: From the Archives

The Civil War Monitor editors would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of the veterans and active duty personnel of our armed services. We salute you! To remember the Civil War veterans of yesteryear...

Published 11/10/2011

Happy Birthday Marines!

By: Laura June Davis Category: From the Archives

To celebrate the 236th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps, we found this image of Civil War marines. 

Published 11/10/2011

Who Will Be Worthy of Memorialization?

By: Laura June Davis Category: From the Archives

The following cartoon is from the 9 November 1861 issue of Harper's Weekly...

Published 11/9/2011

COFFMAN: Going Back the Way They Came (2011) & MARTIN: I Will Give Them One More Shot (2011)

By: James I. Robertson, Jr. Category: The Bookshelf

It was in the 1950s when historian Bruce Catton first called attention to the value of Civil War regimental studies. These personal collections of experiences and quotations by the men in the ranks became a fascinating base for Catton’s award-winning, three-volume chronicle of the Union’s Army of the Potomac. That research breakthrough led to a veritable renaissance in the publication of unit...