Published 8/30/2017

EGERTON: Thunder at the Gates (2016)

By: Kelly D. Mezurek Category: Book Reviews

....a valuable contribution to the study of black Civil War regiments.

Published 8/25/2017

Stereoscope: The Civil War as a Home Invasion

By: Megan Kate Nelson Category: Articles

The Beguiled may not seem, at first, to be a Civil War film. The movie, which is a remake of the 1971 Clint Eastwood feature (which was itself based on the novel A Painted Devil by Thomas Cullinan, published in 1966), begins with a panning shot of treetops and the sound of birdsong and buzzing insects. As the camera comes to the ground, it follows a young girl named Amy (Oona Laurence), humming to...

Published 8/23/2017

EMBERTON & BAKER (eds.): Remembering Reconstruction (2017)

By: Matthew Christopher Hulbert Category: Book Reviews

Reconstruction was much, much more than the political restoration of the ex-Confederacy to the Union; rather, it involved fundamental issues of race, citizenship, colonialism, and American identity.

Published 8/16/2017

FRAZIER: Blood on the Bayou (2015)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

By placing the Vicksburg and Port Hudson campaigns into a broader context, Frazier offers something for both military and social historians.

Published 8/16/2017

BETIT: War's Cost (2016)

By: Reagan Lyons Category: Book Reviews

A slender but useful study of a Shenandoah Valley family at war...

Published 8/11/2017

A Bad Day on the March

By: Alfred Lewis Castleman Category: In the First Person

After it was thwarted in its attempt to capture Richmond during the Peninsula Campaign in the summer of 1862, the Army of the Potomac retreated southeast. Along the way, Alfred Lewis Castleman, a surgeon in the 5th Wisconsin Infantry, kept a detailed diary—a chronicle of happenings in a defeated and demoralized army. Below is but one such event, which occurred in August after the army reached ...

Published 8/9/2017

EPPS: Slavery on the Periphery (2016)

By: James M. Shinn, Jr. Category: Book Reviews

Slavery's roots in the Kansas-Missouri borderland ran deep.

Published 8/4/2017

Gettysburg: The Army's Living Classroom

By: Clay Mountcastle Category: Articles

During any visit to Gettysburg National Battlefield Park it is not uncommon to encounter a group of military officers, noncommissioned officers, soldiers, or cadets huddled together, staring intently at the ground. They pore over maps ...

Published 8/2/2017

CAMPI: Civil War Battlefields (2016)

By: Jared Frederick Category: Book Reviews

Many of the period's photographers considered themselves artists conveying a story, not objective journalists reporting a news piece.

Published 7/28/2017

Extra Dossier: Grant

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

In 2014, we asked a panel of leading Civil War historians a series of questions about General Ulysses S. Grant--a way of assessing his record and legacy during the 150th anniversary of the Overland Campaign.