Published 9/28/2022

Quick Picks: Sherman's March Books

By: Bennett Parten Category: Articles

Looking to do some reading on William T. Sherman's March to the Sea? We asked Bennett Parten, a professor of history at Georgia Southern University who is completing a book on the history of emancipation in the wake of Sherman's March, for his five essential books on one of the war’s most consequential campaigns. Below are his selections.

Published 9/28/2022

BERRY: Count the Dead (2022)

By: Mark S. Schantz Category: Book Reviews

Stephen Berry's "Count the Dead" is a little book that packs a huge punch.

Published 9/26/2022

A Straggler

By: Alfred Waud Category: From the Archives

On March 28, 1863, Harper's Weekly published Alfred R. Waud's description, and associated illustration, of an army straggler—a class of soldier encountered repeatedly during the conflict by the famous sketch artist. It follows, in full:

Published 9/21/2022

PINHEIRO, JR: The Families' Civil War (2022)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

Holly A. Pinheiro Jr.'s "The Families' Civil War" enhances our understanding of the war's lived consequences in general, and the African American military experience in particular.

Published 9/14/2022

COWIE: When Hell Came to Sharpsburg (2022)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

Steven Cowie's "When Hell Came to Sharpsburg" offers the most comprehensive accounting to date of all that a Civil War battle did to an individual community.

Published 9/12/2022

"Union Jim" Williams

By: Harper's Weekly Category: From the Archives

The March 28, 1863, issue of Harper's Weekly included the following article about, and illustration of, Jim Williams, a formerly enslaved man who assisted Union forces during their presence in Lousiana. Nothing more is known about Williams' wartime service or postwar life.

Published 9/7/2022

KNUDSEN: James Longstreet and the American Civil War (2022)

By: A.J. Blaylock Category: Book Reviews

Harold M. Knudsen's "James Longstreet and the American Civil War" seeks to prove that the general possessed a strategic and tactical prowess exceeding the estimates of his postwar detractors.

Published 8/31/2022

The Five Best Books on the Civil War in the (Far) West

By: Matthew Christopher Hulbert Category: Articles

On the first day of my American West in History and Film class, I ask students to explain where the historical West of their imaginations is located, when it existed, and what characteristics make it distinctly “western.” As the discussion progresses, it gradually becomes clear that, though each of them assumes their version is the West, we all have different ideas about the American West, be...

Published 8/31/2022

BURTCH & BURTCH: W.G. (2022)

By: Brian Martin Category: Book Reviews

"W.G." presents a fascinating character whose life reflects the complex and often troubled nature of nineteenth century America.

Published 8/24/2022

EDWARDS: Only the Clothes on Her Back (2022)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

Laura F. Edwards' "Only the Clothes on Her Back" is a compelling work of legal history, written with clarity and verve.