Published 3/14/2018

AYERS: The Thin Light of Freedom (2017)

By: Douglas R. Egerton Category: Book Reviews

Hindsight, Ayers understands, is often the enemy of understanding.

Published 3/9/2018

The Eisenhower Farm during the Battle of Gettysburg

By: Dennis Edward Flake Category: Articles

While not commonly looked upon as part of the battlefield, the Eisenhower Farm in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, played a significant role during the second and third days of the fighting at Gettysburg.

Published 3/7/2018

QUINT: Determined to Stand and Fight (2017)

By: Jared Frederick Category: Book Reviews

Early's daring raid is a colorful tale of retribution, diversion, anxiety, and shrewd political calculation.

Published 2/28/2018

SODERGREN: The Army of the Potomac in the Overland and Petersburg Campaigns (2017)

By: Briana Weaver Category: Book Reviews

Sodergren finds that the soldiers in the Army of the Potomac welcomed the change of pace afforded by the Petersburg trenches.

Published 2/23/2018

The West's Missing War

By: Megan Kate Nelson Category: Stereoscope

Why is the Civil War mostly absent in one of our most beloved film and television genres?

Published 2/21/2018

SCALES: The Battles and Campaigns of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest (2017)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

Forrest might say that Scales, while not getting there first, certainly got there with the most....

Published 2/14/2018

PERRY: Bluff, Bluster, Lies and Spies (2016)

By: Don Doyle Category: Book Reviews

Often, the fate of separatist movements is decided not on the field of battle, but in the marble courts of diplomacy.

Published 2/7/2018

McKNIGHT & MYERS (eds.): The Guerrilla Hunters (2017)

By: John H. Matsui Category: Book Reviews

New studies of guerrilla conflict during the conflict only reinforce the indivisible relationship between slavery and the Civil War.

Published 2/2/2018

A Story from the Trenches

By: John Gardner Perry Category: In the First Person

During the early days of Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant's attempt to capture Petersburg, Virginia, in the summer of 1864, 24-year-old Harvard-educated Union surgeon John Gardner Perry wrote a letter in which he recorded the following incident involving a brave, but reckless, young lieutenant. 

Published 1/31/2018

BICKNELL: Lincoln's Pathfinder (2017)

By: Aaron Hyams Category: Book Reviews

While Fremont's fame up to 1856 outsized his actual exploits, he emerged in the tremors of Bleeding Kansas as a novel figure in American politics.

Published 1/24/2018

POWELL: Barren Victory (2017)

By: Cecily Zander Category: Book Reviews

Powell's efforts to dig below the surface of Chickamauga have produced a thorough and readable examination of the aftermath of a critical Civil War battle.

Published 1/19/2018

Close Calls at Beaver Dam Creek

By: Oliver Willcox Norton Category: In the First Person

Little over a week after he participated in the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek—the first of the Seven Days Battles fought outside Richmond during General George B. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign—Private Oliver Willcox Norton of the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry wrote home about his experiences ... and marvelled at how he was able to escape without serious injury.

Published 1/17/2018

HESS: Civil War Logistics (2017)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

Hess' latest foray plunges the reader into the critical but woefully under appreciated world of Civil War logistics....

Published 1/12/2018

Extra Voices: Dog Days of Summer

By: The Civi War Monitor Category: Articles

In the Voices section of the Summer 2015 issue of The Civil War Monitor we highlighted first-person quotes from Union and Confederate soldiers about the intense heat and discomfort that accomapied summer campaigning. Unfortunately, we didn't have room to include all that we found. Below are those that didn't make the cut. 

Published 1/10/2018

HUNT: Meade and Lee After Gettysburg (2017)

By: Jennifer M. Murray Category: Book Reviews

Hunt...offers an important, welcomed addition to the Gettysburg scholarship.

Published 1/3/2018

PECK: Making An Antislavery Nation (2017)

By: Daniel W. Crofts Category: Book Reviews

Graham Peck's first book tackles big issues and delves into contested terrain....

Published 12/27/2017

BERRY & ELDER (eds.): Practical Strangers (2017)

By: Jean H. Baker Category: Book Reviews

The letters between Elodie and Nathaniel tell us much about courtship in the South.

Published 12/20/2017

ECELBARGER: Slaughter at the Chapel (2016)

By: Robert Glaze Category: Book Reviews excellent tactical study of one of the Atlanta Campaign's most significant engagements.

Published 12/15/2017

Winter is Coming

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Photo Essays

With the winter season nearly upon us, we thought it the perfect time to compile Civil War scenes—in photos and sketches—that invoke the chilly temperatures and inclement weather to come. Bundle up ... and enjoy.