Published 1/16/2019

BURLINGAME (ed.): Sixteenth President-in-Waiting (2018)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Villard's newspaper dispatches are a rich resource for students of the Secession Winter.

Published 1/9/2019

GOTTFRIED: The Maps of Fredericksburg (2018)

By: Zachery A. Fry Category: Book Reviews

A top-notch operational study that benefits from Gottfried's judicious insights and experience as a military historian.

Published 1/2/2019

TETERS: Practical Liberators (2018)

By: Clayton Butler Category: Book Reviews

Teters parses and explains well the complexity of how emancipation played out on the ground, making his book a valuable contribution to the literature.

Published 12/31/2018

New Year's Eve in Camp

By: William Thompson Lusk Category: In the First Person

On New Year's Eve 1862, 24-year-old William Thompson Lusk, a captain in the 79th New York Infantry—a regiment known as the "Highlanders" for its predominently Scottish-American makeup—penned the following letter to his sister Lillie at the family home in Connecticut. In his ambivalence about the year gone by and the one to come, Lusk was not unlike countless thousands of other Civil War...

Published 12/26/2018

SAUERS: The National Tribune Civil War Index (2018)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

...immediately takes its place on the short shelf of indispensable Civl War reference works.

Published 12/19/2018

WILLIAMS & KUTZLER (eds.): Prison Pens (2018)

By: Angela M. Riotto Category: Book Reviews

[R]eveals how two members of the Civil War generation struggled with imprisonment...including that which did not take place behind prison walls.

Published 12/17/2018

Emancipation on Stage

By: Megan Kate Nelson Category: Stereoscope

One weekend last October, my husband and I drove several hours to Portland, Maine, to see a play about lawyer and Civil War general Benjamin Franklin Butler. The stage was stacked with moving boxes, a rolled-up rug, several pieces of unhung artwork, and a large desk piled with papers. Brickwork archways soared overhead, bolstering the stage roof. Ben Butler, by playwright Richard Strand and staged...

Published 12/12/2018

ROBERTS (ed.): 'This Infernal War' (2018)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

Editor Timothy Roberts deserves high marks...makes for good reading, and researchers will find it equally rewarding.

Published 12/9/2018

The Best Civil War Books of 2018

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Articles

With the help of a handful of Civil War historians and enthusiasts, here is our compilation of their favorite Civil War books published in 2018.

Published 12/5/2018

MITCHAM: Vicksburg (2018)

By: Keith Altavilla Category: Book Reviews

Vicksburg ... is a book for popular audiences ... particularly those seeking a perspective more sympathetic to the Confederates.

Published 12/3/2018

Interview: Emerging Scholars at American Civil War Museum

By: Zethyn McKinley Category: Interviews

As proud sponsors of American Civil War Museum’s upcoming Emerging Scholars program—set to occur next May during the grand opening of the museum’s new facility in Richmond—we thought we would sit down with Madeline Wood, ACWM’s digital engagement manager, and Stephanie Arduini, director of education & programs, to learn more about their plans for the big day.

Published 11/28/2018

SOMMERS: Challenges of Command in the Civil War (2018)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

...a welcome introduction to the work of a distinguished historian.

Published 11/21/2018

STEWART & MARKS (eds.): Race and Nation in the Age of Emancipations (2018)

By: Bennett Parten Category: Book Reviews

With selections ranging from revolutionary-era South Carolina to mid-century Liberia to 1880s Brazil, the assembled essays provide a rich pastiche of the nineteenth century Atlantic.

Published 11/14/2018

WERT: Civil War Barons (2018)

By: Cecily Zander Category: Book Reviews

Wert's skill in weaving together historical argument and satisfying narrative are on full display...

Published 11/12/2018

"A Lady of Excellent Worth"

By: Melvin Grigsby Category: In the First Person

Nearly twenty years after the end of the Civil War, Union army veteran Melvin Grigsby traveled south in hopes of locating the local woman who had aided him and other northern soldiers held at Castle Morgan prison in Cahaba, Alabama. As the following account, gleaned from Grigsby's postwar memoir, The Smoked Yank, explains, the old soldier found the woman, Amanda Gardner, living with her daughter...

Published 11/7/2018

ULLRICH & CRAIG: General E.A. Paine in Western Kentucky (2018)

By: Jacob A. Glover Category: Book Reviews

...a notable effort to raise the eponymous Union officer from [the] realm of 'folklore and myth.'

Published 10/31/2018

LANG: In The Wake of War (2017)

By: Justin Behrend Category: Book Reviews

Lang's deeply researched relevant for understanding not just the Civil War, but war in our own time.

Published 10/24/2018

WHITE: New Bern and the Civil War (2018)

By: Stephen Edwards Category: Book Reviews

The Union occupation of New Bern began in early 1862, when Major General Ambrose Burnside captured the river port.

Published 10/19/2018

Currier and Ives on Lincoln

By: The Civil War Monitor Category: Photo Essays

During the Civil War, the prominent lithography firm Currier and Ives produced inexpensive prints of the conflict and its participants based on original drawings by some of the country’s leading artists.

Published 10/17/2018

BLIGHT: Frederick Douglass (2018)

By: Hilary Green Category: Book Reviews

This biography is an essential text that will shape academic scholarship...and perhaps even inspire a Broadway musical.