Voice from the Past: "St. Valentine's Day, I believe"

Posted: 2/13/2012
Author: Laura June Davis
St. Valentine's Day, 1864

An early Valentine's greeting from all of us at The Civil War Monitor. To celebrate, all this week, "The Front Line" blog will be publishing a "Voices from the Past" series from 1862 and 1863 Valentine's Day-themed letters and diary entries. We hope you enjoy!

 -- St. Valentine's Day, I believe. Nary val. for the "poor soldier." Such is life. The day was a beautiful one, and reminded one of spring. Towards evening, however, it began to grow cold and chilly. A large force under General [George W.] Morell made a reconnoissance beyond Vienna, and as far as Hunter's Mill. No enemy was seen except a few pickets. It was made because intelligence was brought that a regiment of cavalry had been seen around there for a day or two.

-  Diary of Stephen Minot, Friday, February 14, 1862 - 

Source: Weld, February, "1862," in War Diary and Letters of Stephen Minot Weld, 1861-1865 (Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1912).

Image Credit: Harper's Weekly, February 20, 1864


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