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  • FRESE: Concord and the Civil War (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 8/20/2014 Author: Tyler Sperrazza  | 

    Frese pays particular attention to the close connections between Concord and Boston, effectively illustrating the complex web of social relationships in the North during the Civil War.

  • MACKOWSKI & WHITE: Simply Murder (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 8/20/2014 Author: Catherine M. Wright | 

    This engaging volume, part of the "Emerging Civil War Series," is a useful resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of the Battle of Fredericksburg.

  • PRINCE: Stories of the South (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 8/13/2014 Author: Nina Silber | 

    K. Stephen Prince dissects the tremendous power of stories and narratives that offered Americans new ways to imagine the South in the post-Civil War era....[they] exerted a commanding political influence that ultimately dissuaded northerners from intervening in Southern racial practices.

  • KORDA: Clouds of Glory (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 8/6/2014 Author: Allen C. Guelzo | 

    In an age of aspirations to cosmopolitan attitudes and global interdependence, the concept of treason seems almost offensively medieval. It is, however, the central act and fact of the life of Robert E. Lee.

  • O'CONNELL: Fierce Patriot (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 8/6/2014 Author: Thomas J. Rowland | 

    O'Connell eschews a strictly biographical or analytical study of Sherman's military career and instead focuses on three specific aspects of this complex and idiosyncratic man. The author seeks to determine what made Sherman tick as a strategist, as a leader, and as a family man.

  • DIOUF: Slavery's Exiles (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 7/30/2014 Author: Christopher James Bonner | 

    Diouf broadens our understanding of the varieties of enslaved experience, as well as the many ways that black peoples' actions destabilized the peculiar institution.

  • SMITH (ed.): Race and Recruitment (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 7/30/2014 Author: Kevin M. Levin | 

    These essays....provide the reader with a sense of how the field has evolved over the past few decades and where we might be headed in our understanding of the Civil War era

  • GOTTFRIED: The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 7/23/2014 Author: Zachery A. Fry  | 

    Students of the war's Eastern Theater should purchase this unique book while they can because it offers the best and most coherent narrative of the actions in northern Virginia between Gettysburg and the Wilderness.

  • Terry's Texas RangersRead More

    Category: Commentary Posted: 7/21/2014 Author: Kate Dawson | 

    Terry's Texas Rangers went into the Civil War with a reputation they had not earned, but left it with one that lingers to this day.

  • SMITH & LOWERY (eds.): The Dunning School (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 7/16/2014 Author: John C. Rodrigue | 

    How could otherwise honorable and decent men and women, who ostensibly dedicated themselves to rationale, scholarly discourse, have been so utterly blinded by the racism that was pervasive in their society?

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